Flight 2: Coelho vs. Dolan

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 8: 300/600/75

John Dolan bets 2,800 on a flop of 7h6c2c and is called by Vitor Coelho. The turn is the Ks and Dolan fires again, this time 5,400. Coelho takes a few moments before making it 15,000 and sending Dolan into the tank.

Dolan was counting his stack down while in the tank and sat there for a few minutes before finally taking one last look at his cards and sending them into the muck.

Dolan said a few words to Coelho before Coelho told him that he would show him the hand for $500. Dolan declined the offer and dropped to 27,000 in chips. Coelho is still the chip leader of the second flight.