Event 5: Maddah’s Joke Costs Him a Buy-in

$155 No Limit Hold’em

Level 3: 75/150


Wally Maddah is re-entering the flight because he was jokingly playing K-7 suited under-the-gun. We missed the action, but he re-capped the hand for us.

“The hand before, a guy had raised K-7 suited under-the-gun and ended up cracking quees,” said Maddah. “The very next hand I had Kc7c and thought it would be funny to raise.”

Maddah raised and called a three-bet from a player to his left. According to Maddah, the flop was all rags and brought no help to Maddah, but he check-called 2,500 from his opponent.

The turn gave Maddah a flush draw and he moved all in at his opponent. His opponent called with aces and Maddah was unable to hit his club to stay alive.

“That joke cost me $155,” he said as he went to take his new seat.