Event 5: Adam Santos Doubles With Rockets, Eliminated Next Hand

$155 No Limit Hold’em

Level 3: 75/150

Adam Santos moved all in preflop for 2,000 before his opponent moved all in over the top for 9,000 to isolate.

Santos tabled AsAc and is in great shape against his opponent’s AhKh. The flop brought a sweat for Santos as the dealer peeled off a flop of 8h6d4h, giving Santos’ opponent the nut flush draw.

The turn and river bricked off as it came the 2c and the 6c on the turn and river to give Santos a double up to 4,200.

Santos put those chips right back in action the next hand though and was eliminated when his 6d3h ran into AsQd and Ks8s. He was eliminated and immediately got up and headed to the cashier’s cage to re-enter the event.