Event 5: Claudemir Osorio Takes 1st in 4-way Chop

$560 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guaranteed

Claudemir Osorio - 1st Place
Claudemir Osorio – 1st Place

Level 32:  Blinds 100k/200k/30k ante

Total Entries:  565
Players Remaining:   4
Average Stack:  4.2 million (21 big blinds)

After nearly two hours of 4-handed play, the final four agreed on a division of the remaining prize pool and are headed for bed.

As the chip leader, Claudemir Osorio is getting 1st place and the signature Hard Rock guitar trophy, along with $41,878.

Final Four Results:

1st – Claudemir Osorio $41,878
2nd – Gil George $38,878
3rd – Jonathan Marlow $38,878
4th – Mike Dimitry $35,878

Special mention goes to John Marlow, father of Jonathan Marlow, who was here all day supporting his son.  Jonathan started Day 2 as the overall chip leader and played his way to the final table as his father looked on.