Event 4: Manny Minaya Eliminated by Anthony Dianaty

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 20: 5,000/10,000/1,000 | Payouts
Players Remaining: 30/546

Manny Minaya stands as he makes a decision for his tournament life.

Board: AdQdTh3s3h

On the river, Manny Minaya was in position in a heads-up pot versus chip leader Anthony Dianaty. Dianaty owned a huge advantage in the counts and had the red “All-In” button in front of him. Minaya was making a decision for his last 172,000 chips.

Manny Minaya eyes his last 172,000 chips

Dianaty inquired whether Minaya was contemplating a hero call.

“Yeah. A hero call,” Minaya said.

He reluctantly found that hero call and Dianaty turned over KhKd for third pair. Minaya conceded the pot, unable to beat Dianaty’s pair. Minaya was eliminated in 31nd place while Dianaty added to his chip lead.

Anthony Dianaty – 1,500,000
Manny Minaya – Eliminated in 31nd place ($819)