Event 4: Earl Coggin — 15th Place ($1,638)

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 24: 12,000/24,000/4,000 | Payouts
Players Remaining: 14/546

Earl Coggin

Earl Coggin called off his last roughly 700,000 chips and Toby Boas had shoved for more. Coggin was at risk, but in great shape as the dealer began the burn and turn.

Coggin: KsKh
Boas: AsKc

Runout: QdJdTh5h3h

There was no sweat. Boas smacked the flop hitting Broadway. The turn and river brought no help to Coggin and he busted in 15th place.

Toby Boas – 1,600,000
Earl Coggin — Eliminated in 15th place ($1,638)