Event 3: Minaya First to a Million

$150 No Limit Hold’em

Level 21:  Blinds 8k/16k/2k ante

Manny Minaya - Million Chip Man
Manny Minaya – Million Chip Man

On the turn, the board read Qc5s2sAc and Randall Ball got all his chips in the middle in a huge pot against Manny Minaya.

Randall held 8s7s for a flush draw, but it was no good against Manny’s As9s for top pair with nut flush draw.  Randall was drawing dead and the river was the inconsequential 8d.  Randall hit the rail in 46th place.

With this monster pot, Manny Minaya chipped up to 1.06 million and is the first player to reach the million-chip-mark.