Event 1: Early Action

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 15 : Blinds  2k/4k/500 ante

Hoang NguyenHoang Nguyen (above) was second in chips coming into Day 2, but John Pappas has just taken him down a few notches.

On the flop of Td9h4s Hoang bet, John raised, and after some thought, Hoang called.

Turn was the Ac and Hoang bet 21k.  John called.

River was the Qc and Hoang fired 45k.  John called.

Hoang rolled over Jh9d for a pair of 9s.  John (pictured below) held Ah7h for a pair of Aces to take the pot.

John Pappas