Event 1: Back-to-Back Boats For Buzzetto

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 6:  Blinds 200/400/50 ante

Pam BuzzettoOn a scary board of 4 4 7 7 7, Pam Buzzetto (Tampa, FL) and her opponent checked the river.  Pam showed pocket 8s for sevens-full-of-eights to beat the board.  Her opponent mucked.

Then after two players were in, Pam 3-bet to 2,650 from the small blind.  Seat 2 (utg) called and the other player folded.

The flop came Ad3s3h.  Pam led out for 1,600 and got raised to 5k.  She called.

Turn was the Qh and both players checked.  River brought the Jd and Pam fired 5k.  Her opponent folded.  Pam rolled over JhJc for Jacks-full to take another pot with another full boat.  She’s up to about 55k.

Pam is a poker room supervisor over in St. Petersburg and she took off early to come play today.