Championship Day 1B: Matthew Leecy Way Out Front

$1,700 WPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$300,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 7:  500/1,000 with a 1,000 ante
Day 1B Entries: 120

Matthew Leecy

Players returned to their seats after the second break and Matthew Leecy is pacing the field. He returned to a stack worth 282,700 for a clear lead and more than 100K over second place Gabriel Fuller’s 182,500.

Leecy can set an incredible record if he takes the WPO Championship title. He already owns Championship wins from two of our major series; Leecy won the headliner from the 2019 Tampa Poker Classic and the 2021 Pinktober Poker Open and this would be his third from three different series. He also finished second to David Bradshaw in this event back in 2016.

Gabriel Fuller