Vasapole Cracks Aces and Doubles


Brandon Vasapole (pictured) was committing the last of his chips to the pot on a flop of KcJh9c and got action from the player to his left.

Vasapole is in the lead with his KhJd6c5c, giving him top two pair and a flush draw, but needs to fade a lot of cards against his opponent’s AcAsTc4s, which is good for a pair of aces, a gutshot straight draw, and then nut flush draw.

The turn is the Th and the river is the 3s and Vasapole scoops the pot  with two pair to double up to 15,000.

“That’s a good turn card for you,” said a player who was just sitting down after late registering the event to the player who lost the pot.

Another player at the table explained to the player that he lost the pot because he must use only two cards from his hand and three from the board.

“Whatever, I’ll just keep playing my way,” replied the new player.