Terri Crawford Eliminates Gediminas Garmus

Terri Crawford raises to 11,000 from late position and it folds to Gediminas Garmus in the big blind, who goes into the tank.

“Just come back for Sunday,” said Crawford while Garmus is thinking.

“I want to double up,” said Garmus. “I’m all in.”

Crawford asks for a count and after the dealer pulls in the 11,000 from both players she finds out it is 26,400 more for her to call.

“I don’t know how to fold this,” said Crawford while making some groans.

Crawford pushes the chips forward to call and she sees she is slightly behind with her KsQs against Garmus’ Ah3h.

The flop put Crawford squarely in the lead as the dealer spread a flop of QhQc2c. The turn is the 3d, which left Garmus drawing dead and heading for the exits. As Garmus is heading for the door, the staff began to come around with bags for the remaining nine players to bag and tag their chips.