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Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Kayla

Calendar Centerfold 2015, Party Girl

KaylaName: Kayla

Calendar: Centerfold

Born: New Port Richey, FL

Resides: Tampa, FL

Twitter: @kayrababyninja

Instagram: tresadorable

Favorite Casino Game: Blackjack

Kayla is an eight time calendar girl, twice gracing the cover, and becoming the centerfold is a dream come true.

“It’s been out of my reach for so long, for whatever reason,” she says. “I’ve always loved my picture and two covers is awesome, but this feels a little more special.”

Kayala calls herself a “mixologist” at Council Oak Steaks & Seafood where she’s worked for seven years. She makes a dazzling Smoked Old Fashioned that requires lighting a plank of wood on fire, good bourbon, a large ice cube and a twist of orange rum.

Kayla is half Filipino, half Irish. She has a biology degree from the University of South Florida andwants to return to school to become a physicians assistant.

 Q & A with Kayla

Favorite Music?

“I’m a rock and roll girl. I like Jane’s Addiction and Black Keys, anything that you makes you feel the groove and want to rock out.

“I also like YYZ by Rush.”

Special Interest?

“Halloween is my favorite holiday. I make awesome hand made costumes. And love to host parties.

Kayla in her Homemade Edward Scissorhands Costume

“I love entertaining and throwing parties. I’ve done big blowouts and cozy dinner parties.  Last year I had 60 people in my tiny apartment for Christmas.

“I love cooking and getting people together, seeing friends meet new friends.”

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“It really means a lot that I can represent all the good and fun stuff the casino does. I’m super proud.  I get to meet people outside of Council Oak, being with the girls is my favorite part.

“When the centerfold was announced, they were super happy for me and I it was sincere.

“It’s an honor because there are so many beautiful girls that try out and don’t make it.”

Kayla Mixologist
Kayla Mixing Up a Smoked Old Fashioned


Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Deanna

Calendar Cover Girl 2015, Daddy’s Girl


Name: Deanna

Calendar: Cover Girl

Born: Brandon, FL

Resides: Brandon, FL

Twitter: @deanna_m_morgan

Instagram: deanna_morgan

Favorite Casino Game: Blackjack

Deanna is a Hard Rock bartender who you’ll find primarily at Center Bar or in the high limit table games.

“I was in shock. It didn’t feel real,” she says of being selected for the calendar cover.  “I kept looking at it and saying, ‘is this really me?'”

Deanna has worked at the casino for less than two years, but this is her second appearance in the calendar.

“Family is everything to me, especially my dad. I’m a huge daddy’s girl.”

Her dad Richard was at the calendar reveal party and she says, “he was more excited than I was, he cried.”

A special moment for Deanna came in the last year when boyfriend Steven proposed in New York’s Central Park. The two are still deciding on a wedding date.

Q & A with Crystal Jasah

Favorite Music?

“My dad’s a farmer so I grew up with country. It’s fun and I love to dance.

“I like everything, but really like Luke Bryan. I’ve seen him in concert six times. It’s the only one I’ve gone to over and over. His concerts are always fun.”

Special Interest?

“I’m an animal love and grew up riding horses. Right now I have two dogs.”

Deanna says Liberty is a four-year-old and the mother of 1-year old Nala.

Liberty and Nala
Liberty and Nala

“They have different personalities. Nala’s the baby and such a mess. I love them to death, they’re my kids.”

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“The unveiling was a lot of fun. They go month by month and you keep waiting for your name. The anticipation is very exciting. Once they announced December I knew I was either the cover or centerfold.

“I like representing the Hard Rock and getting to see all the charities. You meet so many people. I never thought I could do something this cool with a company so large.”

Steven Proposing Deanna
Steven Proposing to Deanna


Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Jasah

Ms. July 2015, Cupcake Queen

Jasah (8)Name: Jasah

Month: Ms. July

Born: Tampa, FL

Resides: Tampa, FL

Instagram: Jasah_

Favorite Casino Game: Texas Hold’em (table game)

Jasah (pronounced Jay_sah) has been working at the Hard Rock table games for two years. This her second appearance in the Hard Rock Calendar.

She occasionally works in the Poker Room and says, “I love poker. It’s so much fun to interact with the players. They’re sarcastic and so am I. They give me a hard time and I give it right back.”

Jasah is graduating from nursing school and is preparing to take the boards (BON). “Being a nurse would be awesome,” she says.

As for trying out for the calendar, Jasah’s biggest supporters are her mom and dad. “They told me to go for it. I said, ‘are you sure, you’re my parents?”

 Q & A with Crystal Jasah

Favorite Music?

“I really like rock and alternative. I love Bad Suns and Bear Hands. It’s fun and gets you in the mood to do stuff, like a bad a$$ workout. It motivates me to do something awesome.”

Special Interest?

“Baking is in my blood. My grandmother (Dorothy) and I started when I was little and she passed down her recipes.

Mmm, Mmm, Good!
Mmm, Mmm, Good!

“Oreo and pink lemonade cupcakes are my favorites. I love cake, so a mini cake that you can eat anytime is so convenient. I love baking.”

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“The girls are so sweet, I made really good friends. The experience I had was so wonderful.

“At first you feel like an average Joe, but when you try out they make you feel like a rock star. The Hard Rock makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, especially with so many people looking at you on a photo shoot. I don’t think every company can do that.”

Jasah Signing Autographs for the Fans

More Photos of Jasah from the Tampa Winter Poker Open

Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Melanie

Encore Calendar Girl, Python & Pit Bull


Name: Melanie

Month: Encore Girl

Born: Tampa, FL

Resides: Tampa, FL

Twitter: @Melanieejdm

Instagram: Melanieejdm


Melanie is a first year cocktail server and works at the various Hard Rock bars. This is her first appearance as a calendar girl.

Melanie is interested in drag racing and often goes to the drag strip in Bradenton.  “Going fast is fun to me, it’s an adrenaline rush,” she says.

She became interested in racing because Melanie’s father worked on cars while she was growing up and is quick to say, “drag racing, no circle tracks.”

You can also find Melanie modeling at car shows.

Q & A with Jennifer

Favorite Music?

“I like rap and house music. Drake is a favorite, I like all of his stuff.

“If a song has a good beat and lyrics, I’ll probably like it. As long as it has some meaning and isn’t about shoes or all the money you have.”

Special Interest?

“I have a pit bull (Zeus) and a python (Casper), add in my son and it’s like a zoo at my house.

“I grew up with animals, casts and dogs. I got Zeus when my son was one (year-old) so they grew up together. They’re buddies.

“My friend had a snake and my parent’s wouldn’t let me have one, so when I moved I got one. It’s part of my rebellious side.”

casper snake
Melanie & Casper

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“The competition was nerve wracking. A lot of girls tried out (~100) and they only need around 20.

“The camera doesn’t make me nervous. I’ve done modeling before, but nothing in print, so I was a little worried. The shoot was fun, I’m glad I did it.

“This is more than just about my job, it’s promoting Hard Rock. It’s exciting.”

Melanie & Zeus
Melanie & Zeus

More Photos of Melanie from the Tampa Winter Poker Open

Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Jennifer

Leading Lady 2015, Sew Sweet

Jennifer1Name: Jennifer

Month: Leading Lady

Born: Tampa

Resides: Brandon

Twitter: @jrossman7975

Instagram: jrossman7975

Favorite Casino Game: Poker

Jennifer is a seven year Hard Rock veteran and you can find her dealing blackjack in the Hard Rock Cafe.

This is her first time appearing in the Hard Rock calendar and Jennifer calls herself a “momma’s girl.” Her mother Bonnie attended the calendar unveiling and Jennifer says, “she’s my best friend.”

Jennifer is applying to medical school and wants to be an anesthesiologist. Her pride and joy is her one-year-old weiner dog Teddy.

Q & A with Jennifer

Favorite Music?

“I love country music and I love Luke Bryan, he’s hot. And he’s my husband, but doesn’t know it yet, ” she laughs.

“I also love Garth Brooks. I still jam to him and Trace Adkins. Oh and don’t forget Jason Aldean. He was my first husband, but I divorced him for Luke.”

 Special Interest?

“My passion passion is singing and acting. I grew up doing theater my whole life. I was in every play, all four years of high school. And I sewed some of the costumes.

Play Collage
Star of the Stage

“In 8th grade I had a record deal in New York, but it was too expensive for my family. My dream is to sing and act for a living.”

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“I’m very excited. They delivered the letter to work and all my customers were waiting for me to open it. ‘I said what if it’s a denial.’

“But when it said I got it, everyone started cheering. It was great.

“I’m looking forward to Gasparilla (Pirate Fest), that will be a lot of fun.”


More Photos of Jennifer from the Tampa Winter Poker Open

Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Crystal Brittany

Miss January 2015,  Cheers on Nutrition

Crystal Brittany

Name: Crystal Brittany

Month: Ms. January

Born: Tampa

Resides: Tampa

Twitter: @Britt2128

Instagram: Crystal_B_Lane

Favorite Casino Game: Three Card Poker

Crystal Brittany is three for three as a calendar girl. She started dealing various card games three years ago and has appeared in the Hard Rock Calendar all three years.

Crystal Brittany is a former kickboxing instructor and was a gymnast saying, “I can still do a back handspring.” She was a cheerleader at Florida Atlantic University where she earned a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

Q & A with Crystal Brittany

Favorite Music?

“I love house music. Tiësto is the best. His dance music is energetic and fun.”

Special Interest?

“I’m all about health and nutrition and working out.  People know my background and are always asking me questions and I love to help out.  I promote living a healthy lifestyle.”

Crystal Brittany Plank

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“My favorite part is being involved with the community and charities, giving back.  In October, breast cancer awareness is a big thing for me because I have an aunt that passed away from it.

“This year we each get our own charity for the month and I’m super excited about mine,” she says of the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla’s Community Fund, which was established to benefit the Tampa community in times of need.

“I love that the calendar shoot was at Billie Swamp Safari. It represents the Seminole Tribe in a positive, classy way.

“Some girls were in the swamp near alligators. I was by a snake pit, right behind me. I used to have a pet snake, but now I’m like yuck, yuck.”

Crystal Brittany flexing

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Hard Rock Calendar Girl – Cassey

Miss October 2015, Spicing It Up


Name: Cassey

Month: October

Born: Puerto Rico

Resides: Tampa

Twitter: @CasseyFig

Instagram: CasseyFig

Favorite Casino Game: Double Draw Poker

Cassey is a blackjack dealer who has worked at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa for five years; it’s her third year as a Calendar Girl.

Cassey is always with her five-year-old son Jayden and says, “he’s fun and energetic. He’s five going on ten and is an amazing gentleman.”

A little known fact, Cassey played college soccer.

Q & A with Casssey

Favorite Musical Artist?

“I like Ariana Grande because my son loves her, especially her song ‘Almost is Never Enough.’

“The words relate to everyday life and speaks more to the current generation.”

Special Talent?

“I’m very organized and live a healthy lifestyle.  I do food prep every Monday and cook for the week.

Turkey with Asparagus & Feta

“Italian cold pasta is my specialty, It’s an Italian Dish with a Puerto Rican twist.  I use Spanish and Italian seasoning mix and marinate the meat before I cook it. I love it and it’s low in sodium.”

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“I really enjoy the volunteer work. We did Metropolitan Ministries (helping poor and homeless families) where  we picked out toys and care packages for Christmas.

“It really opens your eyes that there are less fortunate people in your hometown. You see it first hand. They look okay, but in reality they need a helping hand.

“I also liked Paint Your Heart Out Tampa, where we painted houses for those who can’t.”

Cassey & Jayden Trick or Treat!
Cassey & Jayden
Trick or Treat!

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Encore Girl 2015, Undiscovered Comedian

 Brittany tableName: Brittany

Calendar: Encore Girl

Born: Okinawa, Japan

Resides: Brandon, FL

Twitter: @BrittanyAlesa

Instagram: Cajun_Brittany

You can look for Brittany in the Party Pit dealing blackjack, but her favorite game is Three Card Poker.  She’s worked at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa for four years and this is the first time Brittany is a Calendar Girl.

Family is important to Brittany, especially her three-year old godson Cameron.  She recently finished her masters degree in adult education and would like to create training programs for corporations.

Q & A with Brittany

Favorite Music?

“My favorite is fist pumping house music, something to jump up and down to. I always listen to Beyonce, she’s my sister, but not many people know that,” jokes Brittany.

“I’ve been listening to her since Destiny’s Child.”

Special Talents?

“I love to sing karaoke and I do the best Tina Turner impression ever, Proud Mary is my song. I’m not the best singer, but I’m the best karaoke singer.

Brittany Karoake

“I have a big personality and love to entertain people and I’m pretty funny. I’m an undiscovered comedian!”

 Reaction to Being Named a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“I was thrown off and wasn’t expecting it all. I love that we get to work on community service projects. I want to work with children.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the other girls.”

Brittany Mic

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Miss March 2015, Mustache You a Question

HRG Brendaly2
Name: Brendaly

Month: March

Born: Puerto Rico

Resides: Riverview, FL

Twitter: @Brendaly13

Instagram: Brendaly13

Favorite Casino Game: Video Poker

Brendaly is a six-time veteran of the Hard Rock Calendar, including last year’s centerfold.  “It was such a blesssing,” she says.

Brendaly has worked at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa for 8 years and you can find her bartending at Center Bar.

“I’m a really good listener and give good advice. People love telling me their secrets and I know how to keep them. I guess that’s why I’m good at my job,” she says.

Brendaly recently married her man Ricio (sorry guys) and says she’s a workaholic.

Q & A with Brendaly

Favorite Musical Artist

“I’m a fan of the ’90s, I love the boy bands; Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, 98 Degrees. I also like Britney and J-Lo.”

Interesting Fact?

“My husband and I have matching tattoos.

With a great mustache comes great responsibilities

“It was something adventurous we did together. With a great mustache comes great responsibility.

“I’ve also served some celebrities; Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Kevin James, but my favorite was Adam Sandler.  “I’d love to hang out with him and be his friend. He’s funny and down to earth.”

Reaction to Being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“It’s nerve wracking every time, there’s so many pretty girls who tryout.  I’ve been in (the calendar) so many times, you worry that they’ve already seen me and want to try someone else.

“I like pushing new girls to try out. It can be intimidating, especially if you’ve haven’t modeled or ever been in front of a camera.

“There’s a friendly competition and when the tryouts are coming everyone is working out and eating right.

“If I see potential, I tell them to go for it. I like being a mentor to the new girls.”

HRG Brendaly Mustache

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Miss May 2015, Miss Florida USA?

HRG Angel

Name: Angel

Month: May

Born: Subic Bay, Philippines

Resides: St Petersburg, FL

Twitter: @Angelsflying21

Instagram: AngelBranesky

Favorite Casino Game: Blackjack

When Angel isn’t posing for pictures, you’ll find her working as a bartender in the High Limit pit.  She’s been working at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa for eight years and this is Angel’s second straight appearance in the Hard Rock Calendar.

Angel is proud of her Filipino background and speaks the native language of Tagalog.  She has 32 immediate family members all living in the same neighborhood saying, “we all hop from house to house.”

Q&A with Angel

Favorite Musical Artist?

“I love all kinds of music, but don’t really have a favorite.  Right now I really like Lil John’s song, “Turn Down for What.”  Anything with a nice beat that I can dance to.”

Recent Accomplishment?

“I recently won Ms. Miami Tropic (2014).  I’m so excited and looking forward to competing for Ms. Florida USA in Daytona. (April, 2015).

Miss Miami Tropic

“I’m going to dance in the competition. I’ve always danced since I was little; heritage dancing, free style, hip hop, break dance.

“As a dancer when I hear music, I listen for the beat, 1-2-3-4 and just love to dance.”

Experience of being a Hard Rock Calendar Girl?

“I was very surprised and excited, I’m happy to be picked.

“I like getting to know the girls and that this honor is more than just being part of a casino. I’m proud of where I work and that we give back to the community and charities.

“I’m honored to represent the Hard Rock.”

HRG Angel w guitar

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