Novo Triples Up To Take Chip Lead


After hearing the word “raise” and “pot” several times, Julio Novo (pictured) got all in against two other players on a flop of 9d4h3c.

“I guess, I’m dead,” said Novo. “I need a queen.”

Novo tabled QsQc9s3d, giving him top and bottom pair and an overpair. He was up against Kd7h6h5c, good for a wrap straight draw, and QhJc4s4c, good for middle set.

“Or a nine,” said Novo as he sees that he had two more outs than he originally thought.

The turn is the 9c and Novo makes a full house and leaves one opponent drawing dead and the other needing to find the case four in the deck. The river is the 7d and Novo scoops the pot and climbs to 34,500 in chips, easily the biggest stack in the tournament at this time.