Martini’s Big Slick Gives Her a Fresh Start


After a limp for 150 from the hijack, Amie Martini (pictured above) raised from the cutoff. The player on the button three-bet to 1,200 and after a fold from the hijack, Martini moved all in for her last 8,150. The button quickly calls and Martini was in need of some help.

Martini showed AsKc and was up against the button’s KdKh. The dealer brought the ace right on the flop as he burned and turned a flop of Ad8c7h. The turn was the Ah and that sealed the hand for Martini as she had her opponent drawing dead.

The river was a meaningless 9h and Martini doubles up to over 16,000 and is back over her original 15,000 starting stack.