Main Event: Tom Nguyen Eliminated in 10th Place by Witold Wasik

Winter Poker Open Main Event
$1,650 Buy-In, $500,000 Guaranteed
Level 26: 20,000/40,000/5,000 | Payouts
Players Remaining: 9/671

Tom Nguyen

Tom Nguyen raised to 100,000 from middle position and Witold Wasik called from late position.

Flop: Ah4d3s — Nguyen lead for 150,000 and Wasik called.

Turn: Ah4d3sQh — Nguyen checked. Wasik bet 350,000 leaving himself 795,000 behind. Nguyen called.

River: Ah4d3sQh — Nguyen checked again. Wasik shoved his 795,000 stack. Nguyen, who owned just 10,000 less — 785,000 — called off.

Wasik: QcQh for a set of queens
Nguyen: AsKh for top pair, top kicker

Nguyen was eliminated in 10th place earning $13,085.

Witold Wasik – 2,800,000
Tom Nguyen – Eliminated in 10th place ($13,085)