Flight 3: McNealy Getting the Better of Sponaugle

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 10: 500/1,000/100

Ryan Sponaugle and Greg McNealy have been battling it out after the dinner break. On a flop of Kh8s6d, there was a bet and a call from Sponaugle before McNealy check-raised. The original bettor folds and the Sponaugle goes into the tank for a few moments.

“You’re a pretty annoying player,” said Sponaugle with a smile. “I’m going to have to start shoving on you soon.”

Sponaugle folded and McNealy scooped the pot without a showdown.

The very next hand, there were two limps before Sponaugle raised to 4,500 on the button. McNealy calls out of the big blind and one of the limpers call as well.

The flop is Jc9d8d and action checks to Sponaugle, who bets 10,500. McNealy immediately check-raises all in and action folds back to Sponaugle, who spent a few minutes in the tank.

“I know he’s got 8-9 or J-8,” said Sponaugle while shuffling his last 25,000. “This is so sick, I fold.”

Sponaugle folds AhAd face up and almost the whole table talks about how they wouldn’t have folded the hand.

“I’ll show you this time,” said McNealy, who tabled QhTs, good for the nut straight.

Sponaugle is left with 25,000 after the two hands with the Seniors event champion.