Flight 2: Dolan Doubles Through Blewitt

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 6: 200/400/50


Kevin Blewitt (pictured left) checked on the river with the board reading QsJs6c4h8d. John Dolan (pictured right) took a few seconds before announcing he was all in and Blewitt went into the tank.

Blewitt took just over a minute before pushing some chips forward for a call.

Dolan tabled QcJh, good for top two pair. Blewitt flashed KcQh as he mucked his hand.

After the dealer counted down Dolan’s stack, it was confirmed that he was all in for 18,375. Blewitt pushed the chips to his neighbor and slid to 105,500 while Dolan doubles up to 57,600.