Flight 2: Carter Gent Cruises Towards Dinner Break

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 9: 400/800/100


Marc Lowe raised from late position and called a three-bet from Carter Gent out of the big blind.

The two players saw a flop of Jc7c2s and Gent bet 6,200. Lowe called and the turn was the Ah. Gent checked and Lowe bet 9,500. Gent asked how much the bet was and then took a few moments before check-raising to 35,000.

Lowe sat there motionless for a minute or so, doubled checked his cards a couple times and then sent them into the muck.

Gent has quietly amassed a big stack and is sitting with 124,000 as the players inch towards dinner break.