Flight 1: Crawford Hanging On

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry) WPT Championship

Level 13:  Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante

On the turn with a board of K K J A, seat 9 was all-in for 3k.  Terri Anne Crawford knew she was beat, but there was too much in the pot to fold for 3k.  She called, showing pocket Queens.  Her opponent held AT for a pair of Aces.

Terri needed a Queen on the river to bust her opponent, but it was a brick.  After shipping the double, she was left very short.

She was then all-in for 2,800 and got looked up by Tommy Helms.  His pocket 3s were ahead of her T9 offsuit.  She flopped a Ten to make a bigger pair and double up, but is still short-stacked.

Terri finished 11th in the opening event of this series, earning $2,527.