Event 8: Two Down, Three from Money

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Deep Stack TURBO (Re-Entry)
Level 21: BlindsĀ  6k/12k/2k ante
13 players remaining, 181k avg (15 bb)

Ricky CarterRicky Carter

Just three spots from the money and play has grinded to a halt as we approach the bubble.

Going out in 15th place is Scott Simmons (Ocala, FL) when his pocket 4s are no match against Mack McMackin’s (Lecanto) pocket Kings. Both players flop a set, but Simmons hits quads on the turns.

“First time in two years,” says McMacin, “take a picture of that, nobody will believe it.”

A few hands later, short stack Ricky Carter (Wesley Chapel) goes out against the trip 8s of Mike Taylor (Trinity). Carter is 14th, four from the money.

Scott SimmonsScott Simmons