Event 5: Wadie Khalaf Wins Main Event Seat in 7 Way Chop

$155 No Limit Hold’em


During the break after level 24, the seven remaining players began to discuss a chop. They never got cards back in the air as the seven agreed to an uneven chop, which awarded Wadie Khalaf the title and the $1,650 main event seat.

Khalaf agreed to take less money than some of the other players because he was taking the voucher. Khalaf takes home $6,299 and the seat while Miguel Rivera, Amaury Lopez, and DJ Scheib take home the most money. Those three each take home $9,300.

The rest of the money was divided up based upon chip counts. Todd Renicker takes home $7,000 while Dave Edwards and Troy Bercot took home $5,000 each.

Here are a look at the final table results:

1. Wadie Khalaf – $6,299 and a $1,650 Main Event seat
2. Miguel Rivera – $9,300
3. Amaury Lopez – $9,300
4. DJ Scheib – $9,300
5. Todd Renicker – $7,000
6. Troy Bercot – $5,000
7. Dave Edwards – $5,000
8. Martin Welch – $1,546
9. Mark Rose – $1,106