Event 5: Kimbel Quadruples Up in Four-Way All In

$155 No Limit Hold’em

Level 3: 100/200


We missed the action, but the ever-gregarious Kyle Peck told us that we missed a quadruple up and a four-way all in that Greg Kimbel (pictured) scooped.

Kimbel got all in preflop with KcQc and was up against Pete Walsworth’s JhJd, another player’s KhQh, and a third player’s Qd3d.

The flop was KdJc9c and Kimbrel flopped top pair, a flush draw, and a straight draw and Walsworth middle set. While Kimbel’s pair and gutshot were shared with another player, Kimbel hit his flush on the turn to leave everybody but Walsworth drawing dead.

Walsworth couldn’t find a board pairing card on the river and Kimbel quadruples up to 21,000.

“I would have been at like 50,000 if I wont that,” said Walsworth.

Walsworth has 21,200 in chips.