Event 5: Imkhaoun Eliminates Pantaridis

$155 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level  9 : Blinds 400/800/100 ante

Lachen ImkhaounLachen Imkhaoun (Celebration, FL) limped, Jason Lux limped, then Konstantinos Pantaridis shoved.  Lachen (above) called and Jason folded what he later said was pocket Tens.

Konstantinos PantaridisKonstantinos (above) had AsTs and was dominated by Lachen’s AdQc.  He also knew that two of his outs were in the muck.

The board ran out Ac9s2c9h7c and Lachen’s kicker played.  Konstantinos busted out and headed for the exit.  Not sure if he plans to try again at 7pm, but something tells me we’ll see him again.