Event 4: Break Point

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

End of Level 12:  Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante

Players are on their final break and it is a welcome one.  The action has been intense and the all-ins are coming frequently.

Before the break:

On a board of Ad6s4dQd3d Jody Keeling (sb) checked, Anthony Dianaty (button) fired 15k, and after a few seconds, Jody called.

Anthony didn’t want to show, so Jody rolled over his QcJh making a pair of Queens on the turn.  Anthony mucked, dropping his stack to about 31k.  Jody took the pot and chipped up to ~110k.

21 players remain with an average stack of 67k.  They’ll play two more levels after the break and then bag up for the night.