Event 3 Flight C: Anthony Astarita Back After a Long Monday

$350 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$100,000 Guaranteed
| Structure Sheet
Level 3: 75/150/25
Flight C Entries: 88 (Total Entries: 290)

Anthony Astarita

Defending WPTDeepStacks-Tampa Main Event champion Anthony Astarita narrowly missed a bag in last night’s Flight B after some bad luck sent him home late in the day. He had maneuvered his stack up to about 95,000 when he looked down at JxJx. He was heads up in a three-bet pot and worked his way to a 6x6x3x9x turn. He had position on his opponent who had him covered. The opponent shoved and Astarita eventually called his stack off with the overpair. The opponent turned over Kx4x — king-high with no draw. Astarita loved the spot, but the Kx on the river left him stunned. The opponent hit one of his three outs and Astarita surrendered a pot worth 200,000. With that, he hit the rail.

Astarita is back in action today in Flight C hoping to again put himself position to bag a monster.