Event 3: Eight-Way Chop To Finish Seniors Event ($2,624)

$210 No Limit Hold’em Seniors

Level 19: 4,000/8,000/1,000


Following the elimination of Mike Lavington in 9th Place, the entire table began talking about a chop of the tournament prizepool.

After doing some calculations, they all agreed on an equal eight-way chop of the prize pool, which came out to $2,624 each. Then there was discussion about the $1,650 Seminole Hard Rock Spring Poker Open Main Event seat that every winner of a preliminary event receives.

After continued discussion about how to compensate the chip leaders at the table, everybody agreed to let the three chip leaders draw a high card for the ticket into the Main Event.

Thom Nix, Greg McNealy, and Bob Christensen were the three chip leaders when the chop occurred and they all drew for a high card. Christensen pulled the 2c, Nix drew the 7c, and McNealy picked the Js, which sent the Main Event voucher to McNealy along with the first place honor.

Here are a look at the results:

1. Greg McNealy – $2,624 and Main Event Voucher
2. Thom Nix – $2,624
3. Bob Christensen – $2,624
4. Brenda Lane – $2,624
5. Al McGee – $2,623
6. Jerry Nadeau – $2,623
7. Dan Burke – $2,6,23
8. Sunny Bunce – $2,623
9. Mike Lavington – $539
10. Ron Tosi – $516
11. Pamela Osteen – $492
12. Donnie McBrayer – $469
13. Stephanie Behanic – $446