Event 3: Christensen Knocks Out a Pair

$210 No Limit Hold’em Seniors

Level 15: 1,500/3,000/500


A player moves all in for her last 6,100 from middle position and is called by Bob Christensen (pictured). Action folds to the player on the button, who moves all in for 12,200. Christensen calls and all three hands are turned on their backs.

The middle position player tables AdTc, the button shows AhKd, and Christensen was behind both players with his As8h.

The dealer brought a gin flop for Christensen as he burned and turned a flop of Qc8s6h. The turn is the Jc, giving both of Christensen’s opponent gutshot straight draws, but the river is the 8c and Christensen knocks out two players, while growing his stack to 108,000.

There are now 17 players left and just four spots from the money.