Event 1B: Charles in Charge of Big Blind

$490 + $45 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 5: Blinds 150/300/25

Charles FawcettFawcett Finds Trips with 9-5 Sooooted

He doesn’t remember the raise amount, but Charles Fawcett (Lakeland) knows he was holding 9 5 when he defended his big blind.

After a flop of Q 9 9, the preflop raiser moves all in for ~12k and Fawcett snap calls with trip 9s.

“I got ’em all,” says Fawcett of his opponent’s chips after cracking aces.

On the first break of the day, Fawcett is one of the big stacks with 35k (117 bb).

“And then on the last hand (of Level 4), this guys (player on his left) goes all in and wants me to call. I said, ‘I just got ’em, let me keep ’em for awhile.’ I’ll give them away later.”

Re-entry is now closed and with 125+ entries for the flight, the $150,000 Guarantee has been met with 316+ total entries over the three flights.

Once the cage verifies the final numbers, we’ll post the payouts for the kickoff event of the series.