Event 1A: Courtesy Double-Up

Level 4: 100/200/25 ante

Steve Williams & Jim BrinkleyWilliams (left) Gets a Double Through Brinkley (right) as
Nunziante Rinaldo (Clermont, FL) looks on

On the last hand of the level, Jim Brinkley (Tampa, FL) opens to 800 and Steve Williams (Plant City, FL) moves all in for 2,350.

Brinkley makes the call, even though he assumes he’s behind, and is:

Williams: A Q
Brinkley: J 8

The board runs clean for Williams who doubles up to nearly 5k (17 bb), while Williams can afford the donation with his 40k (133 bb) big stack.

“Everyday,” when asked how often he plays at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa. “Both tournaments and cash, but mostly tournaments.”

Williams is still a short stack and says, “Hope I don’t have to play again tomorrow (Day 1B),” which is the plan if he busts tonight.

Players are on break and registration is open for the next 15 minutes. The next blinds are 150/300/25 ante.