Event 1: Dyer’s a survivor

$560 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 24:  Blinds 12k/24k/4k ante

Ryan Sponaugle opened for 50k and got called by Ron Puleo and Konstantinos Pantaridis (bb).  On the flop of 9c5s4s and three checked.

Turn was the Kh.  Konstantinos checked, Ryan bet 80k, and Ron jammed for about 295k straight.  Both opponents folded and Ron chipped up to about 575k.  Ryan dropped to 348k.

Konstantinos opened for 75k on the button and Ralph Dyer shoved from the big blind for 194k total.  Konstantinos called, showing pocket 8s.  Ralph was racing with A9 off.  The board ran out K 7 3 9 Q and Ralph doubled up to 427k.  Konstantinos dropped to ~550k.