Event 1: Dinner Break Chip Counts

$490 + $45 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Dinner Break, Play Resumes 7:50 pm

Mike Nykoliation triples his 234k stack on one of the final hands before the one hour dinner break.

Nykoliation is in bad shape against RJ Garlapati and Martin Welch until he spikes a Jack on the river.

Nykoliation: AJ
Garlapati: AK
Welch: TT

Nykoliation takes the main pot, while Welch clips Garlapati in the side pot.

Garlapati was up to 1.1 million, but has come back to the pack and his second overall behind Dominick Minaya.

Final Table Dinner Break Chip Counts

Seat-Name-Chip Count

1 Amelio Amato (Sarasota, FL) 285k
2 Bobby Rosetta (Tampa, FL) 285k
3 RJ Garlapati (Austin, TX) 741k
4 Manny Minaya (Tampa, FL) 372k
6 Martin Welch (Zephyrhills, FL) 130k
7 Mike Nykoliation (Barrie, ON) 560k
8 Kirk Adams (St. Pete Beach, FL) 730k
9 Stephen Diamantas (Tampa, FL) 496k
10 Dominick Minaya (Tampa, FL) 1.2 million

Remaining Prize Pool

Place    Payout

1st    $41,844
2nd    $24,566
3rd    $15,888
4th    $10,114
5th    $7,226
6th    $6,217
7th    $4,765
8th    $3,471
9th    $3,329