Event 1: Bubble Burst

$560 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 18:  Blinds 3k/6k/1k ante

Earl Pickens shoved from the hijack and John Pappas called from the small blind.  Earl’s pocket Aces were ahead of John’s pocket Jacks.  The board ran out 9 9 2 8 4 and Earl doubled up to ~95k.  John was left with less than 10k.

A couple of hands later, John was all-in for his last ~7k with Ac6c against Chris Williams in the big blind, who had Ad4s.  The flop was  Qd6s2c.  Then the 4c came on the turn, giving Chris a pair and the lead.  River was the Kc and John back-doored a flush to take the pot and survive.

Ryan Sponaugle doubled up with pocket Jacks against Natasha Barbour Raimon’s AK.  He’s up to 171k.  Natasha dropped to ~160k.

Paul Neeson shoved with pocket 2s and got an all-in call from William Welch with AQ.  The board bricked out J 7 3 6 K and the ducks were good for Paul.

William Welch was eliminated in 25th place, becoming today’s bubble-boy.  The remaining players are in the money and guaranteed to earn at least $1,033.