Event 1: 3rd Place – Ralph Dyer

$560 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 26:  Blinds 15k/30k/5k ante

Ralph DyerRalph Dyer

On a flop of T 7 3 rainbow, Ralph Dyer shoved and Jim Rumptz called all-in.  Ralph had pocket 4s and was trailing Jim’s A7 suited (pair of 7s).  Then the last two fell 7 T giving Jim a full house for the overkill.  He chipped up to ~1.5 million while Ralph dropped to ~800k.

The same two players tangled in a pot and got to the turn with a board of KcTs6s8c.  Ralph checked, Jim bet, Ralph raised, Jim shoved, and Ralph called.

Ralph Tc9c (pair of Tens with gutshot and flush draw)

Jim KsTd (top two pair)

River Kh

The river missed all of Ralph’s outs and delivered another full house for Jim.

Ralph Dyer finished in 3rd place, earning $12,247.

Heads-up play began with Jim Rumptz holding ~2.7 million to Ron Puleo’s ~1 million.

After a few hands, the level expired and the final two earned a 15 minute break.