Event 1: 1st Place – Minaya

$490 + $45 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Dominick MinayaDominick Minaya (Tampa, FL)
1st Place – $21,351

Dominick Minaya has one foot out the door when his pocket Jacks were out flopped by the A8 of Amelio Amato, but a Jack on the river saved the day for a winning set.

The double-up helped Minaya hold the chip lead when he and 8 other players agreed to a 9-way chop. Among the players in the deal was Minaya’s father Manny.

Here’s a look at the remaining players and their adjusted winnings:

RJ Garlapati
RJ Garlapati (Austin, TX)
2nd Place – $16,350

Kirk AdamsKirk Adams (St. Pete Beach, FL)
3rd Place – $16,221

Mike Nykoliation

Mike Nykoliation (Barrie, ON)
4th Place – $13,966

Stephen DiamantasStephen Diamantas (Tampa, FL)
5th Place – $13,038

Manny Minaya

Manny Minaya (Tampa, FL)
6th Place – $11,064

Amelio Amato

Amelio Amato (Sarasota, FL)
7th Place – $9,526

Bobby RosettaBobby Rosetta (Tampa, FL)
8th Place – $3,471

Martin WelchMartin Welch (Zephyrhills, FL)
9th Place – $6,378