Clash Of The Big Stacks

Ron PuleoLevel 10:  Blinds 500/1,000/100 ante

I walked up just in time to see a big hand develop between a couple of big stacks.  The player in seat 1 opened for 4k and was called by Ron Puleo (above) in seat 3.  Helen Colter (seat 4) tossed in a pile of 5k chips, making it 30k to go.

Seat 1 folded and Ron called.  The flop came QsQhJh and Ron checked.  Helen took a stack of orange 1k chips across the line and it turned out to be a bet of 19k.  Ron jammed and their remaining stacks were very close.  Helen opted to fold, saying she had two pair, but showing no cards.

Ron rolled over AdQc for trip Queens as he collected the pot.  He chipped up to ~155k and leads the flight.

After folding her next hand to a raise from Ron, Helen said “I need a smoke…I’m tired of you” as he rose from the table to take an unscheduled break.  Her 50k stack still puts her above the average of 42k with 27 players remaining.