Championship Event: Get Me Out Of This Tournament

$1,500 + $100 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1.2K/2.4K Ante 3K: 56 players remaining, average chip stack 107.5K (45 big blinds)

“He was on full blown tilt,” said Marsha Wolak when describing the recent behavior of Mike Browne before he was eliminated. “I’m glad he was though because he doubled me up.”

Lance Garcia, probably isn’t, however, as he ran into some unfortunate timing. Browne open shoved blind saying “Get me out of this tournament” and Garcia looked down at Ah9h and figured he was in good shape to do just that. Unfortunately right beside Garcia lying in wait was George Lampert who woke up with pocket Kings at the perfect time. He moved all in for another 20K or so and Garcia made the crying call./ Browne had Q-7 and would be eliminated and Garcia would send over a stack of chips to Lampert who nearly tripled up. Garcia is still in good shape though as he’s just shy of 150K.

At another table, Steve Diamantas was down to his last 75K and called a raise from a player with J-9. The flop was a good one for Diamantas as it came QhJs9c to give him bottom two pair. He checked and his opponent bet. Steve moved all in and was quickly called by his opponent who held pocket Kings. The turn was the As and the river was the 7c and the player with pocket Kings was eliminated and Diamantas is up to approximately 175K after the hand.

Other chip counts of notables still remaining (approximate):

Robert Harwell 125K
Justin Zaki 100K
Marsha Wolak 80K
David Tuthill 140K
Glen Chorny 90K

Josh Erdman who started the day with 62K is the chip leader currently with approximately 275K in chips. There are 56 players remaining, still 20 from making the money.

Josh Erdman
Josh Erdman