Championship Day 1B: That’s A Wrap

$1,500 + $100 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event (Re-Entry)

We were at 39 players and it looked like we might lose two players on the last hand of the night when we had a three way all in with the big stack holding K-Q and the two shorter stacks holding Q-9 and J-T. The flop had a little something for everyone as it came Q-J-T. The player with J-T was able to fade all the outs and tripled up while eliminating the short stack.

At another table, pocket aces got it all in against K-J on a J-T-3 flop only to see it come turn 9 river Queen to make a straight for the player with K-J. The player with aces wasn’t out but was down to less than 5 big blinds after that unlucky hand.

Unofficially we ended with 38 players for the day bringing the total to 84. With only 36 places getting paid there is still some work to do until we make the money. Dave Tiffenberg is the Day 1B and overall tournament chip leader after bagging 186,500. We will have full chip counts and seating assignments as soon as they become available.

Dave Tiffenberg, Chip Leader
Dave Tiffenberg, Chip Leader