Championship Day 1A: Nguyen Blows Up; Christensen Leads

$1,650 Winter Poker Open Championship (Re-Entry)
Level 13: 1,000/2,000/300 Ante

Erik Christensen, stacking up the lead
Erik Christensen, stacking up the lead

There was very little exciting action over the last level. We were about to report that only one person was sent to the rail until we noticed the former big stack of Tom Nguyen significantly decreased.

“I didn’t get any of it,” Sheddy Siddiqui quipped.

His dust off was finished by newest big stack Erik Christensen. We caught the action as Christensen was deciding whether to call a shove by Nguyen, and just in time to see him toss in the calling chips.

Christensen was ahead with JcJs and flipping against AhQs. He added an open-ended straight draw on the Tc9d8s flop to take away Nguyen’s Queen outs. Then spiked the Nguyen-drawing-dead card on the Qd turn.

Nguyen made a quick, dramatic exit from the last break penthouse while Christensen has moved up to 287,000.