Championship: Adam Santos Eliminated in 6th Place ($17,226)

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 25: 15,000/30,000

Adamastor Santos

Adam Santos (pictured) moved all in for his last 293,000 and Barbara Cardin moves all in over the top for slightly more. Everybody folds and the two are heads-up.

Santos tables KsKd and Cardin is behind with her QcQs.

“Come on queen,” said Cardin as she watched a flop of Ah8s3d.

The turn is the 2c, keeping Santos in the lead, but the river is the Qh and Cardin jumps up and runs to celebrate with a few supporters on the rail.

Cardin chips up to 643,000 while Santos heads to the cage to collect his $17,226.