$350/$100K: Rafael Reis in the Monday Game

$350 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$100,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 4: 200/300 with a 300 ante
Flight A Entries: 58

Rafael Reis

Rafael Reis is a standout in any Florida event he plays. It was two years ago now he captured a win in the Hollywood Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open $360 buy-in, $1,000,000 guaranteed re-entry opener.  Adding to the significance and stamping Reis’ name in the poker record books was the fact that event had 5,018 entries and went down as the largest tournament in state history. Reis earned better than $155,000 marking his largest career score at the time.

Reis has found a cash many times since then and hopes to add another to his resume here in the Winter Poker Open $350.