$3,250 High Roller: Brock Wilson Doubles Thru Mark Zullo — Twice

$3,250 High Roller (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | StructurePayouts
Level 24:  10,000/25,000 with a 25,000 ante
Players Remaining:  4 of 104

Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson

Brock Wilson (big blind) and chipleader Mark Zullo (cutoff) put in 50K each to see a flop of Jh4h3d, and then Wilson got it all in for 67,000 with 10h4s for a pair of fours.

Zullo turned over As6s for ace high, and Wilson needed his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn card was the 10s, the river card was the 2s, and Wilson won the pot with his pair of fours to double up in chips.

Brock Wilson  –  269,000  (11 bb)
Mark Zullo  –  2,650,000  (106 bb)

A few hands later, Brock Wilson raised from UTG/cutoff to 185,000 (more than half his stack), Mark Zullo moved all in from the button, and Wilson called all in for 259,000 with Ad9s.

Zullo turned over JhJc, and Wilson needed to improve to stay alive.

The board came KdQs7c5sAs, and Wilson spiked an ace on the river to win the pot and double up again.

Brock Wilson  –  578,000  (23 bb)
Mark Zullo  –  2,400,000  (96 bb)

With four players remaining, the average chip stack is about 1,040,000 (42 big blinds), and the next player to bust will earn $26,338.