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Nikita Patalinghug Wins the Ladies Event on the Second Night of the Tournament Series

2022 WPT Tampa
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tampa, Florida
Event 4
$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Entries:  123
Prize Pool:  $25,830
August 26, 2022

Nikita Patalinghug

Nikita Patalinghug won Event 4 tonight at a fun final table that saw her take home the top prize worth $6,566 along with the WPT Trophy thanks to a three-way chop right around midnight. Here is what she had to say after the victory: “Unbelievable, I tried to really push it, I almost didn’t come today.”

“The ladies are very competitive, it’s just a good feeling because sometimes when you play with the guys you feel like you’re being bullied. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it’s like I’m home when I’m playing with the ladies,” said Patalinghug when she was asked what makes playing in the ladies event special.

“I tried my best and switched it up a little bit and went into trapping mode, so I was just folding big hands, and I just tried to play my A-game and trap somebody,” said Patalinghug about her approach at the final table.

“I love playing tournaments because I can take myself out of the cash tables and still get my fix. I just want to play, I just like to play, and play as long as I can. I don’t care if I’m the bubble, that means I played as long as I could for the buy-in,” said Patalinghug about her love of poker at the end of the interview.

Here is a look at the final results for the tournament:

PlaceFirst NameLast NamePrize Payout
1NikitaPatalinghug$6,566* + WPT Trophy
2Lori Schulte$4,639*

*: Denotes payouts decided by the three-way chop at the end of play.

Ladies Event: Nikita Patalinghug Wins in a Three-Way Chop

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 24:  15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 ante
Remaining Players: 1 of 123 entries

Nikita Patalinghug

Nikita Patalinghug has won the ladies event after the final three players decided on a chop after the quick eliminations of Bryna Winchell in fifth place ($1,290), and Nancy Brett in fourth place ($1,740).

Here is how the final three payouts were divided in the chop.

1st: Nikita Patalinghug – $6,566* (1,720,000) + WPT Trophy
2nd: Lori Schulte – $4,639* (490,000)
3rd: Lisa Karl – $3,735* (245,000)

*: Denotes new payouts decided in the three-way chop.

Nikita is the third champion of the tournament series, and she was awarded the WPT Trophy along with prize money.

Stay tuned for a winner photo, interview with the champion, and full results from the tournament.

Ladies Event: Deborah Bianchi – 6th Place ($1,110)

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 23:  15,000/25,000 with a 25,000 ante
Remaining Players: 5 of 123 entries

Deborah Bianchi

Deborah Bianchi moved all in preflop for 75,000 under the gun, and Lisa Karl called to cover her on the button. The two players then flipped over their cards.

Karl: QsJd
Bicanchi: KcJc

Board: KdJs8d6dQd

Bianchi was eliminated in sixth place, good for $1,110, and Karl stacked up 550,000 after collecting the pot thanks to a flush on the river.

Lisa Karl – 550,000 (22 bb)
Deborah Bianchi – Eliminated in Sixth Place ($1,110)

Ladies Event: Final Table Chip Counts and Results Update

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 22:  10,000/20,000 with a 20,000 ante
Remaining Players: 6 of 123 entries

Bryna Winchell

Here is a look at the updated chip counts and results from the ladies event as they move closer to crowning the third champion of the tournament series.

Seat 2: Nancy Brett – 352,000
Seat 3: Deborah Bianchi – 305,000
Seat 6: Bryna Winchell – 635,000
Seat 7: Lisa Karl – 288,000
Seat 8: Lori Schulte – 415,000
Seat 9: Nikita Patalinghug – 515,000

Here is a look at the final table results and remaining payout:

1st: $7,510 + WPT trophy
2nd: $4,650
3rd: $2,780
4th: $1,740
5th: $1,290
6th: $1,110
7th: Tara Schwartz – $960
8th: Lisa Seamans – $850
9th: Hee Kang – $750


Ladies Event: Final Table Begins

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 19:  5,000/10,000 with a 10,000 ante
Remaining Players: 9 of 123 entries

Ladies Event Final Table

The final nine players have taken their seats at the final table of Event 4. Here is a look at the seat draw with chip counts.

Seat 1: Lisa Seamans – 93,000
Seat 2: Nancy Brett – 112,000
Seat 3: Deborah Bianchi – 365,000
Seat 4: Tara Schwartz – 100,000
Seat 5: Hee Jung Kang – 305,000
Seat 6: Bryna Winchell – 450,000
Seat 7: Lisa Karl – 106,000
Seat 8: Lori Schulte – 355,000
Seat 9: Nikita Patalinghug – 325,000

Ladies Event: Nancy Brett Takes One Out on the Money Bubble

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 17:  3,000/6,000 with a 6,000 ante
Remaining Players: 16 of 123 entries

Nancy Brett

A player in middle position got all in preflop for 55,000, and Nancy Brett called to cover her from the cutoff. The two players then tabled their cards.

Nancy: AcKs
Middle Position: As10h

Board: Jh8c3d4s4c

Nancy took out her opponent on the money bubble, and she stacked up 234,500 after collecting the pot. Every player remaining is now guaranteed at least $500 in prize money.

Nancy Brett – 234,500 (39 bb)

Ladies Event: Prize Pool and Payouts with $7,510 to Ladies Champ

2022 WPT Tampa
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tampa, Florida
Event 4
$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Entries:  123
Prize Pool:  $25,830
August 26, 2022

Registration closed on the record-setting Ladies Event with an incredible 123 entries registered over two hours. They easily set the record for the biggest Ladies Event field in Seminole Hard Rock Poker History (and probably for the state but we need to research a few other places).

The previous record was set in Hollywood when they drew 91 entries for the tournament during the 2022 WPT Poker Showdown.

Great job!

They combined to create a prize worth $25,830 and the last 16 spots will be paid. A min-cash is worth $500 while the WPT Tampa Ladies Champ will earn $7,510 and the WPT trophy.

1st: $7,510 + WPT trophy
2nd: $4,650
3rd: $2,780
4th: $1,740
5th: $1,290
6th: $1,110
7th: $960
8th: $850
9th: $750
10th-12th: $660
13th-15th: $570
16th: $500

Ladies Event: Registration Closed

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Level 7:  300/600 with a 600 ante
Entries:  123

Bryna Winchell

The Ladies Event was sent on the first break and returned to action with the registration closed on the huge tournament. The unofficial count shows 123 entries; we will post the official numbers as soon as they are available.

Bryna Winchell looks like the early frontrunner for the title, coming back to a stack worth 68,000 as the person to catch.

Ladies Event: Huge Start

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Level 2:  100/100 with a 100 ante
Entries:  72

Clarisa “WeePro83” Blakely

The Ladies Event came blasting out of the starting gates with more than 70 in the game after the first level. A tremendous tournament for the special tournament and it very may well set the record for the biggest Ladies Event field in Seminole Poker history.

Among the starters we found online pro Clarisa “WeePro83” Blakely and former WSOP Ladies Champ Marsha Wolak.

Marsha Wolak

Ladies Event: Special Game

$250 Ladies Event (Re-Entry)
Level 1:  100/100

We have a special tournament kicking off at noon with the WPT Tampa $250 Ladies Event. We expect a great group of players this afternoon trying to take home the title.

They will start with 20K stacks and the first six levels will last 20 minutes each. Late registration and unlimited re-entries are available until the start of Level 7 at 2:15 pm. From there till the end, levels will last 30 minutes throughout the day.

  • Players begin with 20,000 in chips
  • Levels 1-6 last 20 minutes; Levels 7+ last 30 minutes
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 7 (2:15pm)
  • This is a one-day tournament and plays to completion
  • Event 4 Structure Sheet