Main Event: Saj Illikal – 4th Place ($38,765)

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Main Event
$500,000 Guarantee
| Structure | Payouts
Level 31: 75,000/125,000 with a 125,000 ante
Players Remaining: 3 of 659

Saj Illikal (Photo Credit: WPT/Eric Harkins)

One hand after her ace-nine doubled through Fabian Foster’s ace-eight, Wendy Vo put her chips to use eliminating Saj Illikal in fourth place.

On the fateful hand, Saj Illikal was under the gun and got his 1,875,000-chip stack in the middle. Vo had him barely covered from the small with 2,025,000.

Illikal: 7s7h
Vo: AhKs

Runout: 8d5d4dKd8c

Vo won the race, pairing her king on the turn and eliminating Illikal in fourth place.

Saj Illikal (Photo Credit: WPT/Eric Harkins)

Wendy Vo – 4,150,000
Saj Illika – Eliminated in 4th place ($38,765)