Main Event: Prociak Calls Bluff

$1,100 Main Event No Limit Hold’em
Level 8: 250/500/75 Ante
Entries: 157

After an early position raise and three calls, the action was on Timothy H. in the big blind. He three-bet to 7,500. One early position caller folded and it was on David Prociak. He called. The remaining players in the hand mucked and Timothy H. and Prociak were heads up to the flop.Kh8h8d

Timothy H. plopped 7,000 in the pot. Prociak called.


Timothy H. lead for 15,000 leaving himself about 30,000 behind. Prociak called again.


Timothy H. jammed. Per Prociak’s request, the deal broke down the all-in bet to 32,050. Prociak went into the tank and studied the board.

After a minute or so, he found a call. Timothy H. flipped over AhQs for an ace-high bluff. Prociak exposed JsJc and won the pot with his pair. Timothy H. was eliminated while Prociak jumped toward the top of the counts.

David Prociak rakes a pot worth more than 100,000

David Prociak – 125,000
Timothy H. – Eliminated