Event 5: Tom Nguyen Versus Wally Maddah

$565 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$200,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 5: 200/400 with a 400 Ante
Flight A Entries: 35

Tom Nguyen

For those familiar with the Tampa poker scene, it’s no surprise to see Tom Nguyen stacking chips in the early stages of a tournament.

He recently played a pot versus Wally Maddah that saw Wally open to 1,000 from middle position, Nguyen call from the button and two others come along for four-way action.

Flop: QsJh8d – The pair of early-position callers checked to Maddah and he C-bet 1,500. Nguyen called while the early-position players got out of the way. They were heads up.

Turn: QsJh8dQh – Maddah slowed down, checking it to Nguyen. Nguyen bet 2,400. Maddah verified the bet amount with the dealer, then reached into his stack check-raising to 6,700. Nguyen called and they continued to the river.

Turn: QsJh8dQh7h – Maddah was covered by Nguyen. He eyed his opponent’s stack before firing 11,500 at the pot. Nguyen agonized over the call mentioning that he put Maddah on ace-queen. After a minute or so, Nguyen reluctantly plopped calling chips in the middle and Maddah was forced to show his 7s5s rivered pair of sevens. Nguyen turned over KsQh and took the pot with trip queens.

The pair exchanged a laugh while Nguyen stacked much of Maddah’s chips.

Tom Nguyen – 65,000
Wally Maddah – 13,000