Event 5: Bubble Breaks

$250 Classic Rockers (Seniors 45+) NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1,500/3k/400 ante
18 Players Remaining, 86k avg (29 bb)

Diego Caso (Orlando, FL) is down to less than 2 bb when he’s all in with 4-5 and runs smack into the AA of Jim Hagen (Merritt Island, FL)

Caso is the bubble boy and is out in19th place. The remaining players are all in the money and give Diego a parting gift for his time at the table.

The remaining players are guaranteed a min cash of $406 as they play for the $8,126 top prize.

Remaining Field:

Table 1


1 Tricia Greco
2 Sam Anzalone
3 Wally Maddah
4 Al Krux
5 Edith Norman
6 Woodrow Johnson
7 Bob O’Rourke
8 Ralph “Bud” Monday
9 Gene Gauthier

Table 2


1 Ben Thompson
2 David Roy
3 Jim Brinkley
4 Craig Bozza
5 Jim Hagen
6 Wayne Wadulak
7 Terry Gleason
8 James Palmeri
9 Terry Shortland