Event 3 Flight C: Joey Alegria Three-Bets, C-Bets

$350 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$100,000 Guaranteed
| Structure Sheet
Level 12: 800/1,600/200
Flight C Players Remaining: 39/129

Joey Alegria

AJ “Doc” Santos opened to 3,600 from late position and Nick Costarelis called from the cutoff. It was on Joey Alegria on the button and he three-bet to 4,600. Both players called and they saw an AdQs8h flop. It checked to Alegria who C-bet 8,500 and he took it down without contest.

For a cash player, Alegria has been leaving his mark on Tampa tournaments this week. He made Day 2 of the $570 opener, but busted shy of the money. From there, he final tabled the $250 turbo before finishing seventh. He’s gone deep in a couple of the $350 flights, but ultimately finished shy of a bag.

He has a stack of just over 60,000 late in Level 12 of Flight C and needs to hang on for two more levels in order to make his second Day 2 of the series.