Championship Day 1B: More Friendly Faces

$1,700 TPC Championship (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 6:  400/800 with a 800 ante
Day 1B Entries:  143

Raminder Singh (left) and Rafael Reis (right)

The entry count cruised right past the number we had yesterday and the consistent path to empty seats continued. We are going to get very close to hitting the $500,000 guarantee this afternoon; if it falls a little short, it will get there early tomorrow.

So more familiar faces in the crowd include Raminder Singh, Rafael Reis, Filipp Khavin, Karl Manouchakian, Kevin Blewitt, Alexander Orlov, and Ryan Hogan.

Signh holds a unique accomplishment among our players, one of only a handful with a trophy from Tampa and our sister properties in Hollywood and Coconut Creek.

Filipp Khavin
Karl Manouchakian