Event 6: 13th Through 24th Place

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 12K/24K Ante 4K

Here is the order of finish and payouts for 13th through 24th place:


13thWalid Maddah$649.00
14thAdam Templeman$649.00
15thJohn Stillitano$649.00
16thDavid Bell$535.00
17thRoss Topping$535.00
18thStephen Diamantas$535.00
19thVicki Renfrow$458.00
20thKiran Ainala$458.00
21stMark Oleson$458.00
22ndDominick Minaya$458.00
23rdAnthony Pellegrini$458.00
24thMichael Barclay$458.00

Event 7: 6th Place – Adams

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Blinds 2k/4k/500 ante

Kirk AdamsKirk Adams (St. Pete Beach, FL)

Kirk Adams is all in for 87k (22 bb) with QT and is glad to see he’s not dominated, but in a coin flip, against Lance Garcia’s pocket 9s.

Adams gets no help on the board and is out in 6th place for $1,523. This is Adams second cash of the series after getting a $16,221 piece of the 9-way chop in Event 1.

Event 7: Final Table

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Blinds 1.5k/3k/500 ante

Final TableFinal Table  

Seat-Name-Chip Count

1 A. Nonymous 85k
2 Meir Barack (Tampa, FL) 68k
3 Devis Mulla (Tampa, FL) 109k
4 Joel King (Bradenton, FL) 135k
5 Kirk Adams (St. Pete Beach, FL) 115k
6 Lance Garcia (Houston, TX) 280k
7 Derek Bowers (Alliance, OH) 167k

Remaining Prize Pool


1st $9,588
2nd $5,217
3rd $3,638
4th $2,679
5th $2,002
6th  $1,523
7th $1,184

Event 7: 8th Place – Khavin

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
1,200/2,400/400 ante

Phil KhavinPhil Khavin (St. Petersburg, FL)

Phil Khavin is all in for 56k with K K♣ against the A♣ K of Joel King.

Flop: A 10 6 (King leads with pair of Aces)

Turn: 2(Khavin picks up flush draw)

River: 8♣

Khavin bricks the river and Kings wins the hand with a pair of Aces.

Khavin earns $959 for his 8th place finish.

Event 6: 25th Through 34th Place Payouts

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 6K/12K Ante 2K

Here is the order of finish and payouts for 25th through 34th place:

25thMark Picarazzi$458.00
26thAnthony Brammer$458.00
27thDustin Pope$458.00
28thJoseph Cacaro$390.00
29thDonald Kidman$390.00
30thAmie Martini$390.00
31stBrian Lawandus$390.00
32ndDaniel Tirrell$390.00
33rdRaymond Del Cueto Jr.$390.00
34thMichael Ray$390.00

Event 7: In The Money

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1.2K/2.4K Ante 400

Norbert Kara opened the action to 7K and it was folded to Lance Garcia in the big blind. “How much you playing?” Garcia asked Kara. Norbert lifted his hands to show his stack to Lance and responded “about 40”. Garcia made the call while saying to no one in particular… “let’s play some defense.”

The flop came Ad-8s-5s and Garcia checked. Kara made a bet of 11K and Garcia instantly grabbed a stack of 5K chips and threw them carelessly into the middle. “Did you mean to do that,” asked another player at the table. Lance flashed a grin. Norbert looked over at the other table, eyed his remaining chips, and said “ok, let’s bubble” and made the call while turning over Ah-Ts. “You have a blocker?” asked Lance as he turned over Qs-9s for a flush draw. The turn was the 6s giving Garcia the flush and meaning the end of the day for Norbert as he is our bubble boy. Kara’s had an excellent couple months at Seminole Hard Rock tournaments including a win at the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” in Hollywood last month. He came up just short this month but we’re sure he’ll be making another deep run soon.

Norbert Kara
Norbert Kara


Event 7: Bubble Time

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante
11 players remaining, 85k avg (39 bb)

Kyle UpperKyle Upper (Lake Mary, FL)

Kyle Upper moves all in for 30k with KQ and is against the 88 of Lance Garcia. Upper doesn’t win the flip and is out on the double-bubble.

11 players remain, one spot from the money.

Event 7: Back From Dinner Break

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante
12 players remaining, 78k avg (39 bb)

Table 1Table 1 (clockwise left of dealer)

Norbert Kara (Clearwater, FL)
Anonymous 1 (A1)
Kyle Upper (Lake Mary, FL)
Derek Bowers (Alliance, OH)
Lance Garcia (Houston, TX)
Devis Mulla (Tampa, FL)

Table 2Table 2 (clockwise left of dealer)

Meir Barack (Tampa, FL)
Mike Browne (Tampa, FL)
Phil Khavin (St. Petersburg, FL)
Joel King (Bradenton, FL)
Anonymous 2 (A2)
Kirk Adams (St. Pete Beach, FL)

Event 6: 35th-54th Places

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 4k/8k/1k
34 players remaining, 179k (22 bb)

Kyron JordanKyron Jordan

Start of the day chip leader Kyron Jordan (Sebring, FL) continued his unpredictable style and ends up going out in 35th place.

The field will take a dinner break at 6:20 pm.



35 Kyron Jordan $390
36 Jean Miccio $390
37 Michael Monter $328
38 Marsha Wolak $328
39 Ray Martinez, Jr. $328
40 Jacqulyn Kagan $328
41 Larry Thompson $328
42 Kenneth Canty $328
43 Srini Yarlagadda $328
44 Tuan Vu $328
45 Bruce Rimar $328
46 Tom Carlton $290
47 Rick Clayton $290
48 Patrick Irwin $290
49 Bruno Gigante $290
50 Jordan Peralta $290
51 Herbert Woodbery $290
52 Kozma Llazari $290
53 Milan Guerrero $290
54 Farrell Lapi $290

Event 7: Double Bubble,12 Left (with Payouts)

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Blinds 800/1,600/200 ante
12 players remaining, 78k avg (49 bb)

This tournament has been buzzing all day and we’re down to two tables. With 12 players remaining and ten making the money, we’re on the double-bubble as the next two eliminations miss the cash.

Two players wish to remain anonymous, but here’s a look at those still in the running for the $9,588 first prize.

Kirk Adams
Meir Barack
Norbert Kara
Andrey Ivlev
Mike Browne
Joel King
Devis Mulla
Kyle Upper
Derek Bowers
Lance Garcia

Prize Pool


1st $9,588
2nd $5,217
3rd $3,638
4th $2,679
5th $2,002
6th $1,523
7th $1,184
8th $959
9th $761
10th $649

Event 6: Big Stacks

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 2,500/5k/500 ante
45 players remaining, 136k avg (27 bb)

Pat HobenPat Hoben

There’s a log jam at the top of the chip counts as players are back from break.

Here’s a look at the big stacks:

Name-Chip Count

Pat Hoben 263k
Scott Strickland 261k
R. Topping 257k
Greg Brannon 241k
Cachen Imkhaoun 240k
Siri Yarlagadda 230k

Event 6: Bubble Breaks, Places 55th-63rd ($260)

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Next Blinds: 2,500/5k/500 ante
53 remaining players, 115k avg (23 bb)

Once the bubble breaks, players finish out the level and are on a 15 minute, black chip color-up, break.  Farrell Lapi goes out in 54th place for the pay jump to $290.

The first eliminations receive $260.


55th DeAndre Poindexter
56th Alfie Orta
57th Paul Spice
58th E. Soong
59th Ralph Amadeo
60th Julio Novo
61st Andrew Phillips
62nd Craig Kardon
63rd Bennett Foster

Event 7: Phil-in Up Khavin’s Chip Stack

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Level 9: Blinds 400/800/100 ante
24 remaining players, 39k avg. (49 bb)

Phil KhavinPhil Khavin

Nearly 3/4 of the 94 entries are gone as the aggressive six-max is buzzing along.

Phil Khavin (St. Petersburg) is one of the big stacks with 100k after taking out Natasha Barbour (Bradenton).

“I opened, she pushed, I called,” says Khavin who says Barbour had a bout “20 bigs” when his AJ took out her Q9.

The top 10 places are in the money ($649 min cash) , with first place at $9,588.

Event 6: Hand-for-Hand, Bubble Time

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 2k/4k/500 ante
64 remaining players/94k avg (24 bb)

Dealer Ruby & Kozma LlazariRuby Stands at Attention while Kozma Llazari (right)
Waits for the Next Hand

It takes less than one hour to hit the bubble as 64 players remain. The next elimination gets zilch, while the rest of the field is in the money.

To prevent stalling and collusion, each table deals a hand and waits for all tables to finish before continuing.  Hand-for-hand lasts until the bubble breaks.

Event 7: Barbour Back to Defend

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Level 7: Blinds 250/500/50 ante
34 remaining palyers/28k avg (56 bb)

Natasha BarbourNatasha Barbour

The Six-Max is one of Natasha Barbour’s (Brandenton) favorite games and she’s back to defend the title she won here at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa in September.

“I like the action,” says Barbour, who got $4,500 for the win, “It goes fast and you get to play a lot of hands.”

So far today, it’s slow and steady as she’s up to 16k (32 bb).

“I love this room,” says Barbour, who is only a 40 minute drive from Hard Rock, “I love the players. I feel I have an edge because I’ve played with 95% of them.”

Barbour’s local success is becoming more well known as she just claimed a WSOP circuit women’s title in Lake Tahoe, her fifth career win.  She has more than $115,000 in recorded career tournament earnings, with nearly $25,000 of it this year.

While she travels the WSOP and WPT circuits, Barbour definitely considers Tampa home base. “I’m here every day when I’m not traveling,” she says. “I make sure I play all four series here,” adding,  “I’m home for a month.”

This is Barbour’s second event of the series and she’ll be here through the WPT Hard Rock Tampa Winter Poker Open Championship (Dec 13-15).

Event 6: Poker Back in Action at Hard Rock Tampa

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 13 (8 min remaining) : Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante
85 remaining players, 72k avg (36 bb)

Table 40Table 40

An unfortunate redraw put two of the three biggest stacks on the same table.

Chip leader Kyron Jordan (Sebring) and third overall Greg Brannon (Montgomery, AL) are both on Table 40, which will be one of the first tables to break. But, as promised last night in the blog, Brannon is a late arrival because of a work commitment and says he hopes to make it by 3 pm if he’s “lucky.”

“It’s not going to help him, but it won’t hurt him either,” quips Michael Ray, who’s sandwiched between Jordan and Brannon.

The field is just 22 spots from the money as the top 63 earn a min cash of $260, while playing for the top prize of $19,559.

Event 7: Last Level to Enter

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Level 4: Blinds 100/200/25 ante

More than 90 players are in the field as registration is open until 1:20 pm as the $15,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool will be close to double the guarantee.

That makes it 7 for 7 in guarantees at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Winter Poker Open tournament series.

Event 6: Day 2 Restart Seat Assignments

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Play Resumes 2 pm

321Sang Ho Yu52,900
322Ryan Gittings25,900
323Walid Maddah79,400
324David Bell106,900
325Amie Martini127,200
326Pat Hoben102,100
327Suzette Johnson81,700
328Julio Novo120,000
329Tony Pellegrini89,000
331Terri Anne Crawford38,500
332Antonio Lyons12,500
333Farrell Lapi47,500
334DeAndre Poindexter32,800
335Michael Manticoff75,400
336Anthony Brammer146,500
337Alfie Orta35,200
338Robert Messina151,100
339Ross Topping167,100

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Event 6: Payouts

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Play Resumes 2 pm


1st $19,559
2nd $11,456
3rd $7,485
4th $5,079
5th $3,590
6th $2,788
7th $2,139
8th $1,566
9th $1,107
10th-12th $840
13th-15th $649
16th-18th $535
19th-27th $458
28th-36th $390
37th-45th $328
46th-54th $290
55th-63rd $260

Event 7: 6-Max Attack

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Level 1: Blinds 50/100

One of the more popular events in any series is a 6-max tournament. The shorter tables allow for more action and hyper-aggression as players continue with more hands and wider ranges.

Players start with 10k chips and levels last 30 minutes each.

Re-entry and late registration is open for the first four levels and through the first break of the day with the cage closing at ~1:15 pm.

It’s a one day tournament and the winner, in addition to the prize money, earns a $1,650 entry into the WPT Hard Rock Tampa Winter Poker Open Championship (Dec 13-15).